1.  What is fractional ownership or shared cottage ownership?

It is a form of carefree-shared ownership of a vacation residence in a prime location.  At The Landscapes you will own a 1/10 share (Interval) of your beautifully furnished cottage or attached cottage villa as well as an undivided share of the entire property and facilities including The Clubhouse, The Boathouse, The Beech Cabana, The Spa & Fitness Centre and The Welcome Centre.

  2.  Who owns the property?

You will be the Owner of a debt-free not-for-profit Corporation called The Landscapes Resort Owners Association that owns all the buildings, furniture, fixtures, equipment, watercraft, docks, maintenance facilities and all the other amenities exclusive to this property.  Shares can be kept forever, or sold or willed to someone else.  This innovative approach makes vacations more enjoyable and affordable.

  3.  How long will we own our cottage / villa residence?

Forever, to be sold or left to your family or friends - whatever you choose.

  4.  Can I sell my one-tenth share of my cottage / villa residence?

Yes, each Owner can sell or transfer one or more of the Intervals that he / she owns subject to the procedures set out in your ownership documents.

  5.  How often can we use our cottage / villa residence?

Each Interval purchased allows an Owner five (5) weeks of exclusive use of the cottage residence every year.  Initially you pick your specific unit and the prime summer week that you want to spend at The Landscapes that remains yours each and every year in perpetuity.  Your remaining four (4) weeks are divided amongst the fall, winter and spring seasons including one additional bonus week.

  6.  How are our remaining four (4) weeks of use chosen each year?

The four (4) non-summer weeks will be reserved by you annually after the September long weekend for the following year.  Your order of choice (Reservation Priority) is determined at the time you purchase your Interval(s) and that priority rotates one place each year to provide each Owner with the greatest flexibility.

  7.  Can we loan our cottage / villa residence to family or friends or rent our cottage?

Absolutely.  If you are unable to use your cottage / villa residence, you can let your family or friends enjoy it or rent it on your own.  You must, however, notify management in advance of the individuals who will be occupying your unit and, of course, your guests would have to be good neighbours and abide by all the rules.

  8.  Are there regulations concerning the number of people sleeping in your residence?

Yes.  Each residence is limited to occupancy by no more than 8 people.

  9.  How and when is housekeeping maintenance done?

There is a 5 hour period each week between check-out time and check-in time during which each residence is completely cleaned, linens changed, inventory checked, etc. so that your residence will be spotless and ready when you arrive.  Grounds maintenance is continuous and there is always a number to call if you need assistance.  Major repairs and maintenance are accomplished twice a year when the entire resort property is closed for one week in the spring and one week in the fall.

10.  Is Owner storage available at The Landscapes?

Yes.  The purchase of an Interval includes a dedicated storage locker for each Owner in the basement of your individual unit for storing personal property, excluding flammable, toxic or perishable items.

11.  Can I keep a boat at The Landscapes?

Yes.  You can keep a boat moored at one of our docks during your weeks of occupancy.  Owners will also be able to enjoy the use of canoes, kayaks, paddleboats, paddleboards and row boats during their stay.

12.  Is there a beach at The Landscapes?

There are two wonderful wide fine sandy beaches on the property ideal for swimming and sunbathing.

13.  Is the development connected to Municipal services?

Yes.  The Landscapes is connected to Municipal services that include a new “State-of-the-Art” W&S treatment facility that commenced operations in the summer of 2006.

14.  Are pets allowed?

The residences are designated as either “Pet Free” (no pets allowed) or “Pet Friendly” (pets are allowed).  This designation will be strictly enforced due to the fact that some Owners have allergies that may make it dangerous to their health if a pet has been in the residence.  Please ensure to register your personal preference.

15.  Is smoking allowed?

At The Landscapes, all cottage / villa residences and resort buildings are designated as non-smoking.  Smoking is not permitted inside at any time.

16.  Are there Worldwide Exchange Privileges?

Yes.  Initially, you will be a member of The Registry Collection.  This allows you to exchange any of your weeks for access to some of the finest vacation properties and services around the world.


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